In-Home Training

We are currently offering in-home training for ALL available courses. We can bring all necessary equipment to train you in the comfort and privacy of your own home! "WHAT?! HOW?! THAT'S CRAZY!" might be the first things that come to your mind, but we promise that it's not only possible - it's also COMPLETELY safe!

For firearms related courses - while we can and probably will set up a firing range in your home, this will obviously not include any live-fire. Instead, we will incorporate the use of inert training devices, and specially designed laser training firearms. While there is no full-fledged substitute for live-fire training, laser training pistols and rifles can help you develop a solid foundation of firearms manipulation while maintaining safety and conserving ammunition! These specially designed training tools use an LED laser that shows up on whatever target you are practicing on every time the trigger is pressed. ALL RULES OF FIREARMS SAFETY MUST STILL BE ADHERED TO WHEN USING ANY TRAINING FIREARMS!

For firearms related courses that require a live-fire qualification for completion, or that require practice with live-fire, we will meet at a local range for the live-fire portion of the course. All live-fire portions of any course must be completed at a state approved firing range.

For all other courses like Emergency First Aid, Situational Awareness, and Childrens Firearms and Safety Fundamentals - They are taught in a classroom setting anyway and do not require the use of a range. This makes your living room or bonus room a perfectly suited environment for these courses!

Courses are available in-home training for up to 10 students at a time, dependent upon the course. Send us a message to ask about special group rates!