Facts About Guns

  • More people with guns = Lower crime rates.

While it is understandable that people fear what they do not understand, and while it is understandable that many people believe more guns equals more crime - all evidence points to the contrary. In fact, Maine is rated the safest state in the country and is a permitless carry state. This means that anyone who can legally posess a firearm can carry the firearm, loaded, without a special license or permit. Maine is closely followed by other states, not only as permitless carry states, but simultaneously as some of the most safely rated states in the nation.

  • Responsibly armed citizens stop crimes.

Countless cases can be found in which responsibly armed, law abiding citizens have been present before police could arrive, and were able to stop a crime in progress, maintaining safety until police were able to arrive. Most law enforcement officers would even agree that responsibly armed citizens are a positive force.

  • For most, the responsibility of owning a firearm will spur even more responsibility, thoughtfullness and and attention to detail.

The responsibility of owning a firearm for the law abiding citizen is enormous. The mindset required for responsibly owning a firearm is built on a foundation of awareness, attention to detail, cautiousness, smart decision making, decisiveness, preparedness, and thoughtfullness. These attributes carry over into many other facets of a responsible lifestyle.

  • Guns are similar to many other tools in your life.

Just as a saw will not cut off your hand if you follow proper safety precautions, a gun will not discharge unintentionally if you follow proper safety precautions. As an inanimate object, a firearm requires outside influence to perform it's function. Without outside influence, a firearm is no more than an expensive paperweight.

  • Guns require a proper mindset, training, and practice.

While the right to keep and bear arms, and protect yourself and your loved ones is an inherent and inalienable right, it is a right weighted with responsibility. Anyone who takes on this responsibility has a moral obligation to obtain the necessary training, develop the necessary mindset, and practice to become and to remain proficient and safe.