Women's Handgun Self-Defense Fundamentals

Created by a woman, for instructing women - Women’s Handgun and Self-Defense Fundamentals is a welcoming and engaging training guide with multiple layers of instruction. This course is given in 3 distinct levels - Women’s Basic Pistol, Women’s Intermediate Pistol, and Women’s Defensive Pistol.

This course is designed to reach students who are brand new to firearms (and maybe have never picked up a gun before) through to those who are ready to learn more about defensive shooting and take the next step with their firearms skills, tools, and mindset. Like Concealed Carry and Home Defense, this course will be your complete guide to understanding the fundamentals of:

  • Conflict Avoidance and Situational awareness

  • Handgun, Shotgun, AR-15, and Ammunition basics

  • Handgun Fundamentals

  • The Universal Safety Rules

  • Marksmanship Skills and Firearms Handling

  • Defensive Shooting Fundamentals

  • The Physiology of Violent Encounters

  • The Legal Aspects of Using Deadly Force

  • The Aftermath - What to do After a Defensive Shooting

  • A Guide to Gear and Gadgets

  • Furthering Your Training.

Specifically, Women’s Handgun and Self-Defense Fundamentals is all about sharing the basics—along with the fun, the challenges, the seriousness, and the importance of being a responsibly armed female. After all, women are worth protecting. Upon completion of this course, you will have a thorough understanding of the fundamentals involved in protecting yourself and your loved ones by means of a firearm.

This course is offered in three installments of 2 hours each, as well as a 6 hour all-in-one course.

What works best for you?