The Prepared Lifestyle

Everyone - regardless of their political views, age, income, location, or beliefs - benefits from being reasonably prepared for emergencies. Everyone SHOULD be prepared.

Preppers are rational and they come from all walks of life. Many preppers are very intelligent and successful — so much so that they have a front row seat to the forces in our world making things worse, and it has caused them to take preemptive action.

The comforts of modern life are a fluke in the overall outlook. We take this for granted and assume it will continue, which creates an achilles heel that leaves billions of people at the mercy of unstable systems. Billions of people are unable to do simple things like start a fire, dress a wound, find or create shelter from the elements, aquire clean water, and more.

We live in an unpredictable world and it seems to be getting worse. From natural disasters to riots and civil unrest, safety, security, and survival is not always guaranteed. In these examples, our institutions and governments are broken and are not able to or not willing to address the problems - and though we’ll hopefully be fine in the end, it may be a very painful process along the way.

People enjoy prepping for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s part of the responsibility of our right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. Many parents feel it’s part of their job description. Others feel selfless, that it’s part of their duty to be ready so they don’t burden their family or community by needing help, and so they can be ready to help family or neighbors in need.

Prepping is also fun and rewarding. You spend time being active, both in and out-of-doors, learning new skills that can help you in many areas of life, and challenging your brain to think about interesting scenarios or needs, and solutions to accompany them.

In all cases, you get the peace of mind from knowing that you are ready and will not be a helpless victim. In the unfortunate event something does happen, just a few hundred dollars of emergency preparedness supplies can make all the difference for you and your loved ones.

There are many real and very serious possible emergencies, and you are likely to go through at least one of them, if not more. Look at the COVID-19 pandemic we have just experienced, in conjunction with political and civil unrest. There have been riots in the streets, empty grocery stores, stay-in-place orders, and lack of supplies and ability to generate income. You probably know several people who suffered harship during these times, and may even have experienced some hardships yourself.

The evidence is overwhelming. Being prepared is important and crucial to your sustainability in the event of an emergency. Being prepared is also a lifelong journey. There are endless scenarios you can prepare for. Common sense dictates that you would at least prepare for the most likely scenarios and needs.

Are you ready to begin your preparedness journey?