About SDA...

Sentinel Defense Associaction is a multi-focus training company that believes the right to defend yourself and your loved ones is an inherent, unnassailable, and inalienable right. We also believe that with that right, comes a moral obligation to be well trained and prepared to do so.

We provide current, accurate, and relevant training and information on the use of force, emergency first aid, and other life-saving skills and knowledge. We use classroom instruction, hands-on activities, and live-fire exercises to increase our students' ability to defend themselves and their loved ones effectively. All defensive training will focus on avoidance and escape of potentially dangerous situations whenever possible ensuring that a defensive use of force, and especially deadly force, is the last resort.

Proper preparation and situational awareness will help students learn to avoid or escape potentially dangerous situations before they occur or go too far. Decisive, controlled, practiced, legally applied justifiable use of force should only be used when all other options are no longer available. Decisive, controlled, and practiced use of emergency medical aid should immediately follow any such occurrence.