Guardian - Soldier - Protector - Sentry - Keeper - Watchman

You are the first line of defense for your family and loved ones, the people God has put in your charge.

You understand your responsibility. You take that responsibility seriously.

You Stand Sentinel.

Maybe you are one of the new 5 million + first time gun owners in America. Maybe you have always found guns to be scary or taboo. Maybe you are a mother or a father, looking to be able to better pretect your family in an increasingly unpredictable, and dangerous world. Maybe you are looking to increase your understanding or skill set. Maybe you want to be better prepared mentally. Maybe you want a better understanding of the law, your rights, and what to do in the event of an attack against yourself or your loved ones. Maybe you want to enable yourself to help the injured, in the aftermath of an attack.

Regardless of your background, regardless of your current skillset - Whatever your situation, you need training. It is the moral responsibility for every gun owner to be as well trained as possible. Just as important as being proficient with your firearm, is to be proficient with emergency medical and trauma care. Both are equally important in your journey to becoming the protector you need to be. Both are parishable skills. Both require continued training and practice.

We offer a personalized training experience backed by solid and proven curriculum and experience. We can train you in firearms from beginner level, to advanced. We can train you in edged weapons from how to use them, to how to defend against them. We can train you in the protector mindset from blank and oblivious, to habitually observant and prepared. We can train you in emergency medical and trauma care from patching scrapes and treating headaches, to stabilizing broken bones, severe lacerations, and gunshot wounds. We can train you to train your children in proper respect for firearms and their safety. We can train you in what to do in the event of a mass shooting.

How do you want to become a better protector today? Check out our course listing, and register now!